Developing sustainable, luxury and herb-infused bath linen

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At Gibie, our mission is to redefine home linen using sustainable plant-based dyes. Pre-register for exclusive early access to join our mission to revolutionize the textile dyeing industry.

Textile Industry

Our Story

At GIBIE™, we are disrupting the current fabric dyeing industry by replacing synthetic chemical dyes with sustainable plant-based dyeing processes accompanied by new age manufacturing. GIBIE™ is inspired by 5000-year-old Ayurvedic science and at our core, we believe there are sufficient resources available in nature that can be used to develop superior fabrics through innovative methodologies that can make today's chemical-intensive textiles obsolete.

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Innovative Design

Gibie™ Bath Linen is designed using innovative weaving techniques making it the softest towel fabric ever.

Skin Detoxing Herbs

For the first time, we have embedded herbal benefits in textiles, inspired by a 5000-year-old science. 

Purest Dyeing Process

We do not use any synthetic-chemical at any stage of our dyeing process meaning zero water pollution.

Join our mission to revolutionise the textile dyeing industry

Founder & CEO: Hitesh Anand

While working in the textile industry for several years in India, Hitesh learnt about the pathetic conditions within the dyeing industry resulting in multiple diseases among people living in nearby regions. Many people lost their fingers because of the harmful synthetic dyes being used, and consumers today continue to wear such dyes on their body. Disheartened, he decided to make a change. So he went on a journey to find alternative dyeing methods. He came across a dyeing practice that was 100% natural, had existed in India for 5000 years - but was on the brink of extinction. He started working on ways to make this dyeing process viable for modern textiles. It took 3 years to develop the right method and identify manufacturers to work with to create the finest, sustainable bath linen and labelled it as GIBIE, from the Sanskrit words, Gunas, Indriya, Buddhi, Ichha & Eka, describing our Mind, Body and Soul, the most important aspects of Ayurvedic practice.

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